2016 After18 Christmas card design – Freedom

After18 Christmas card 2016 Freedom

Freedom: After18’s Christmas card design for 2016

Our 2016 Christmas card is now ready. As always, our card is inspired by the young people’s perspective of the world.

This we saw an increase in the numbers of Kurdish young people attending our activities and it was this group which inspired this year’s card.

During the year we had a weekly art session provided by Charnwood Arts, as well as occasional visits to explore the exhibitions at the Attenborough Arts Centre.

This gave the young people an opportunity to try different art techniques and be creative in a safe space.

The card is inspired by the spontaneous drawings the young people made. Incorporating recurring themes of mountains (for their homeland), tents in the Jungle refugee camp (from their experience of Calais) and caged birds hoping for freedom.

Cards cost £3.85 (plus p&p if outside Leicester) for a pack of six. Please contact us by email via our contact page and we will send you details of how to buy them.

After18 refugee drawing

A young person’s drawing of a caged bird that wishes to fly free

Refugee's drawings evoke their homeland as well as the Calais 'Jungle'

Refugee’s drawings evoke their homeland as well as the Calais Jungle camp

After18 art

Young people at one of our regular art sessions